4 Solid Tips to Making your Podcast your Career

4 Solid Tips to Making your Podcast your Career

It seems each day I receive email asking “Rob, how can I possibly make a living online without eating  dog food 3 times a day?”

Most people have tried Affiliate Marketing, Pay-per-click (aka Adsense) and some have even tried selling digital products.

I’d venture that 90% of people fail with these methods for one simple reason…  they gave up to soon!

While “Make Money online” people will claim you can make $10,000 per week in just a few hours of work, this is mainly bullshit.

Yes you can make $10,000 per week online…  by selling people a product about making money online.

Seems kind of dishonest eh?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN make a good living working online.  The hard part is figuring out how to do it and taking the time to figure out what works for you and your audience.

#1 – Plan on making very little money in the first 2 to 3 years

If you are new to Internet Media and have virtually no audience, you are looking at at least 2 years of hard work building your audience to a point where you can make a living.

While their are exceptions to this rule, they are few and far between.   Basically you need to put in the work now to achieve your goals later.

#2 – Don’t constantly sell something to your audience

People are really getting disgusted by “high pressure” sales pitches and “The Sky is Falling” attempts to make money.

I have found my best results come from not pushing a product at all.

At the start and end of my shows, I mention my online store where you can buy my digital products which help support my show.  In the first month of trying this strategy, my sales went up almost 200%.

I believe that this is due to the new members of the audience.

Personally, if I am checking out a new show I do not want to be sold a bunch of products from some person I don’t even know yet.  I believe that 90% of the internet are with me on this.

Over time those new listeners will get used to you and what you stand for.  As each one becomes comfortable with you, they will seek out your paid products on their own and most likely buy from you because they TRUST you.

#3 – Don’t sell anyone elses crap!

After years (literally!) of playing with Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Sales I have found one rule that is the difference between pennies coming in, or dollars coming in.


While it can be a bit daunting to create a product for sale to your audience, this is by far and above the best way to make a descent income.

When you are promoting someones product, you are reliant on them to provide a solid product that will be sold to your viewers.   This leaves a lot of responsibility to someone you have probably never met.  Plus if they decide they are not getting enough benefit from you or your show, they will leave you hanging without any revenue coming in.

With affiliate sales, you generally only make a small percentage of the final sale which sucks!  To be honest, unless you are the marketing type, affiliate sales are extremely hard to make enough to cover your expenses, little lone live from.

#4 – Keep at it!

These things take time to build up.

A lot of people start selling stuff, but then give up after a month or 2 because they aren’t making a bunch of money.  I did this one a lot!

I used to think of my shows making a bunch of money off one product immediately.   Turns out that is ENTIRELY backwards.

You should consider your content (blog posts, podcasts, etc) as being your employees.  Once you have created them, they will continue to work for you for EVER.

For example, you have built a blog post that averages 4 sales per month and that amounts to $40 per month.   Of course you can’t live off of $40 per month, but that blog post will go on to make money month after month.

Now we start getting the snowball effect.  A podcast you released is making another 4 sales for you per month.  Suddenly that $40 turned into $80.

As you build you will find some content that reliably sells month after month and others do not.  But if you continue to put up content, over time you will grow your income streams.

Now instead of 1 or 2 pieces of content making you sales, you will have 10’s or 100’s of pieces of content making you sales.

Anyhow, I hoped this helped!  See ya next week!

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