5 Ultimate Tips for Ranking On YouTube

by Rob | April 13, 2013 10:20 pm

We all know that YouTube is the #2 search engine on the planet. Thus, ranking on YouTube isn’t the easiest thing to do. Lots of competition out there.

Here are my hacks for YouTube which increased my ranking and traffic from about 5,000 hits per month up to a whopping 33,000 for this month!

#1) Regular posting schedule – Beyond the viewer who is used to seeing your videos every morning at 7am, YouTube has this built into their search calculations. Since I started posting every week at the same time, I’ve noticed a nice bump in traffic to my new videos.

#2) Embed is your friend – I’m sure most of you embed your videos on your own sites, but what about embedding them on Forums, Social Media and as guest posts? I recently started posting my videos directly to one of the authority sites in my niche. Not only did I get 3,000+ hits, it also increased my authority and now those videos are pulling in a couple hundred hits per day just from search and recommendations. The more sites you get embedded on in your niche, the higher your video will rank.

#3) T. D. T. – Title, Description, Tags – Your titles need to be quick and precise (much like your blog posts titles) but you must also make sure to beef up the description area with some “keyword rich” text that isn’t spammy but will appeal to both the Viewer and the search engine bots. It really is a fine balance between “too much” and “too little” in both the title and description. For example, to much in the “Title” section will cause your viewers to find another video because they will assume your video is to complex (it all goes back to psychology doesn’t it) while too little will make the search bot struggle for the theme of the video. And finally, don’t forget your Tags. They are just as important and make sure to stuff as many as possible that deal with the content of your video.

#4) Use Annotations properly – Annotations are a pretty powerful feature when used correctly. When adding annotations, remember that you don’t want to make your viewer go through the work of closing them in order to actually see the video. Try to keep them short and sweet and never cover up a large section of the video with them. At the end of my videos, I always include a annotation to my previous video and directly to my YouTube channel. We are in the business of making fans, and fans love to learn more about you before becoming “super fans”. Leading them back to your YouTube channel page is a great way to inform them more of who you are.

#5) Use Custom Thumbnails – In order to use this feature you need to have your Google Adsense account linked to your YouTube account. Each custom thumbnail should be very clear and easy to read at both small and large sizes. I’ve started to pull more clicks by having awesome thumbnails more-so than having awesome titles and descriptions.


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