Amazon Fire TV is the content producers greatest ally (thus far…)

Amazon Fire TV is the content producers greatest ally (thus far…)

My initial response to the Amazon Fire TV was a bit of a let down.  Then just a few weeks ago, Amazon reached out and informed me that they had really kicked up what they were doing for content producers.

After playing around with the developer portal, the various software developer kits and publishing my first paid app, I have one thing to say…

If you are not on Fire TV, you are missing out on the most revolutionary product for Internet Television thus far.

In 2 weeks I’ve managed to learn Amazon’s system inside and out.  For anyone familiar with selling Kindle items or Create Space items will be very comfortable with the Amazon Developer Portal.  It’s straight forward approach makes it easy to publish a new channel in their app store and even charge for your app.

My Experience

As some of you may know, I had built a very popular “conspiracy theory” video network known as “The Conspiracy Channel” that is available on all the major devices.   It serves as a test bed for any features that I release to other clients and in my various software products, so naturally an Amazon app was a logical step.

After spending a few minutes I learned that Amazon’s app setup would allow me to build the Fire TV app in a few minutes, I just needed to adjust RoVidX Pro to work with the tools Amazon provides.  This was the longest part of the process as it took about a day to build in the Fire TV functions into the plugin.

At 10 am the following morning I had submitted my app to the app store for publishing.

Free versus Paid

Originally I planned on implementing Free model with the app using advertising to support itself.  In the first 24 hours it had around 300 downloads, so I decided to poke around Amazon’s amazing analytic system and found that most people who downloaded the app had never watched 1 show.

This is a phenomena I like to call “Free Stuff Collection”.  I’m guilty of this obsession as well.   When a new product appears on the market, I feel the need to download everything free in the market place.   I’ve done it with Apple, Google, Roku and now Amazon.

I will never watch the hunting channel, but because I once went hunting as a kid and it’s free, I installed it.

Knowing all this, I decided instead to charge a nominal fee of $10 for the app and see how it sold for a few months.  So far, so good and I plan on having some numbers for you all at the end of January.

The most interesting part of this, and the reason I brought up the subject of free vs paid, was the paid app users have been watching a lot of content when compared to the free viewers (who still have access to the app).

Plans for the future

Now that we have a stable base on Fire TV that is growing faster than I had planned, it made me stop and pivot on my plans of where to take the network next.

Amazon has a great amount of SDK’s available that allow you to include things like video-on-demand, subscriptions and more.  Now that our plugin (shameless plug for RoVidX Pro goes here!) is working with all 3 platforms, I want to start adding options that allows content producers to charge for premium content.

I will be blogging (and maybe some vlogging) about the experience and hopefully it will help some of you take your productions to new heights.

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