Dealing with audio & video technical issues after the fact

Dealing with audio & video technical issues after the fact

So we’ve all had it happen… we load up this kick-ass interview we did only to find out our video is all messed up or it sounds like you recorded through a tin-can in an echo chamber. Now what do you do?

First, I have a litmus test. How bad is it? Is it totally un-watchable? or am I just being picky with my own content? If I can watch it and make out what was said and though it’s not perfect, it might be “good enough”, I then send it to one of my “super fans” and ask them their opinion. If they can understand/watch the video without to much headache, then it’s good enough to go.

Secondly, if it isn’t watchable, can it even be fixed? The chances are “no”. You can spend some money getting someone on e-Lance or a VA to try and fix it, but chances are if it’s bad enough your Super Fan couldn’t watch it, then it’s probably to bad to fix.

Now how to avoid these problems…

#1 – ALWAYS do a “pre-interview” about an hour or so before you record. This will give you a chance to examine your guests setup, find any flaws and fix them. Plus doing it a bit before the interview helps ensure that nothing major will change before you hit record.

#2 – Do up a check list! I know, as experts we probably already have a tonne of lists, but this is an important one. List all the steps you need to do to produce your show. Even simple steps like “turn on the camera” or “test the microphone” should be listed.

#3 – Multiple Backups – About a month ago I did an interview with a living legend in my niche. The interview went great, I checked the archive and it was beautiful, and then I proceeded on to my next Interview. When I finished, I grabbed the first interview to put in my editing suite only to find out that the file had corrupted! I lost everything.

Always have a back-up system or multiple systems is never a bad idea. I have my main computer record, I have a secondary computer recording my main computer, I have a Skype call-recorder going and I have a Digital Audio Recorder plugged into my mixer. That’s 4 backup files going for EVERY show I do, 2 video and 2 audio.

On the rare occasion that the video messes up, I always have the audio version available so my fans get something (and about 40% listen to the show as opposed to watching it!).

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