Episode 2 – The Keys to Clear Audio

Episode 2 – The Keys to Clear Audio

In this episode I break down the keys to having clean audio on your podcast.

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Getting The Best Audio For Your Buck

  • Audio podcast
  • Video podcast (need for good audio)
  • Myth of complex setup for good sound
  • Plan your equipment upgrade path
  • Microphones
    • Purpose (single host with skype vs group chat)
  • Style
    • Single Host – USB
    • Multihost – Traditional
  • Type
    • Condenser
    • Dynamic
  • Accessories
    • shockmount
    • arm type stand
    • Pop filter
    • USB Hub
  • Mixing boards, compressors and other techie stuff
    • Traditional setup
    • Complex
    • Lots of Trial and Error
  • Heart of system (mixing board)
    • Spend more
    • Price goes up with features
    • Don’t buy what you won’t use
    • USB or Firewire (Mac)
  • Compressor/Limiter/Gates
    • Story about mine
    • The need for a CLG
    • You get what you pay for
  • Headphone Amplifier
    • Equalizer
    • Stereo Expanders
    • And more
  • Software
    • Audition is the only way to go
    • I do use Audacity
      • Free
      • Mix MP3 Skype Recorder to 1 mono track
    • Problems with Audacity
      • Compatibility issues
      • Audio quality is not as good
      • Uses LAME
  • Summary
    • Doesn’t matter what you use to get started
    • While audio quality matters, sounding like a professional Studio does not
    • Content is King

Join me next week when we get started with Video Podcasting the easy way.

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