Episode 3 – How to create kick ass video podcasts

Episode 3 – How to create kick ass video podcasts


  •      My schooling
  •      I really loved video
  •      Offered something different
  •      3 years I played with video TRYING to get it to work right
  •      Finally something changed

 XSplit Changed My Life

  •      Easy to use
  •      Scene Switching
  •      Solid
  •      Records to MP4
  •      Works with Skype
  •      Multiple sources in one window

 Open Broadcaster

  •      Found out after purchasing XSplit
  •      Almost as easy to use
  •      All the previous features
  •      No transition effects besides crossfade
    •          Almost hardware quality
  •      Output not as fluid or sharp
  •      It’s FREE!


  •      Really easy these days
  •      Add an intro, cut out some dead air
  •      Render off
  •      Color correction and other effects


  •      Expensive if you are just a hobbyist and you want downloads
  •      LOTS of streaming options available
  •      YouTube is great for the hobbyist video podcaster
  •      Vimeo is great for the “Prosumer” & “Business” level video podcasters
  •      3rd party hosting service (VERY PRICEY!)

 The Case for Live Streaming

The Bad

  •      NOT for everyone
  •      Mistakes go live on the air
  •      Requires solid components (PC, Internet Connection, Audio systems)

 The Good

  •      Builds amazing fan loyalty
  •      Adds a social atmosphere
  •      Relationships built between fans achieving the cult following

My verdict – IF you can, you should!

Next week we will be talking about creating kick ass video content that keeps your viewers drooling for more.

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See ya next week!!!


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