How to rank on Stitcher Radio

How to rank on Stitcher Radio

If your show is on Stitcher Radio, how do you rank higher? Using the following tips, I was able to take a new podcast from #11,000 to #700 in just 10 episodes!

#1 – Use the Stitcher embeddable player! Instead of using a 3rd party audio player, use the Stitcher player. Embed this on your episode page, and try and funnel your audio listeners into using the Stitcher player.

#2 – Use this Embedded player on other sites like forums, Facebook and Twitter.

#3 – Plug the crap out of Stitcher. Make sure you mention that they can listen to your show on Stitcher’s app, which is available in a bunch of BMW & Ford models rolling off the assembly line.

#4 – And this one is more general and can be used successfully in iTunes, YouTube & etc. When you title your podcast, the best format I have found is “Title – Episode #” but I see a lot of people using “Episode # – Title” instead. Problem being is “Episode” is pointless to a new listener. They want to look at the screen and have a good idea of what the podcast is about. By including the Episode # first, you limit the amount of “trigger text” that will appear on their screen.

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  1. Jennifer Ebeling
    Jennifer Ebeling 6 November, 2013, 10:13

    Thanks for this Rob! I’m going to try your suggestions!

    P.S. My podcast is Still Growing… – a weekly gardening podcast 🙂

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