Kevin Smith shows the true potential of Meerkat

by Rob | March 28, 2015 4:24 pm

iOS users are in-love with a new streaming platform that is quickly becoming the new darling of social media known as Meerkat.  With the app you can quickly start a live video stream directly from your iPhone to all your followers without the nasty complications of setting up confusing options.

While us Android users wait to get our hands on the app, director/podcast/geek-guru Kevin Smith[1] uploaded a recent chat he recorded using Meerkat.  I really think this is a game changer for interacting with fans quickly and easily.   Not to mention the implications for amateur journalists, podcasters and the like.

Smith spends the chat talking about the upcoming Mallrats sequel (Chocolate covered pretzel?) and the other movies he is currently working on while giving you a quick look around his office.

Warning:  Kevin doesn’t hold back when it comes to traditional taboo’s, so this may be NSFW… depending on where you work.

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