KnownHost VPS Server

by Rob | July 5, 2013 9:48 am

About 2 months ago my hosting provider started slowing down immensely.  After many frustrated e-mail messages to tech support I had a server that was working like crap and no answers other than “nothing is wrong”.

In fact this makes it 3 VPS hosting companies in 3 years.  Ugh!!!

Thus it was a nice surprise to stumble upon KnownHost.  They were offering rocking prices on the hardware I want so I went in search of customer testimonials.

I was amazed to find absolutely no bad reviews.  Maybe there are some out there somewhere but all the ones I could find raved about the one thing I needed the most… tech support.

I’m good with a computer, but I am no server guru.  I know roughly what I need but I have no idea about how to configure a hosting server.

I decided to give KnownHost a 2 month trial and signed up.

Within 24 hours I had an email with all my logins.  I was confused by the initial email so I decided to put the tech support to the test.    Within a 1/2 hour of submitting the support ticket I had a response.   They even went as far as to login to my domain registrar and configured all my DNS settings and gave me step by step instructions on how to configure my domains properly.  All within a 3 hour span!  This is unheard of!!!

After moving everything from my old server via Backup Buddy I was ready to go.  I loaded up Web Talk Revolution and my jaw dropped.   I have never seen any of my sites load that fast, especially this one.  The main page cotains a good deal of Javascript and other addons, but before I could snap my fingers the page had finished loading.

I next moved onto my main video podcast site that receives around 96% of the traffic load on my server.  Prior to moving my load time was around 5 seconds which is just on the upper end maximum load times for pages.

Once again my jaw dropped as the site (over 1,100 pages, videos, podcasts, etc) loaded lightning fast.   This morning with a good load of visitors coming in my resources are a reasonable %0.04.


I have honestly never had such a positive experience with a hosting company. Not only is the server lightning fast, the backend administration area is designed properly allowing you to easily add new sites, change your configurations and other extras.

If shared hosting is becoming to small for your needs, I highly recommend you check out KnownHost.

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