Mainstream Media is in the "Death Spiral"

Mainstream Media is in the "Death Spiral"

Over the years I’ve had plenty of experience working with the “main stream” media.  When a blogger/vlogger/podcaster did an interview, they could pretty much expect a tonne of visitors from the mainstream plug.

Something is changing though…

Over the last few weeks, quite a few of my clients have done some of the biggest talk shows on the planet.  In years past, I would have to sit and dynamically adjust the website to handle the flood of unique visitors.

In all these appearances something shocking showed in the stats… no one was coming.   Zilch… nadda… zip….

What the hell happened?  Where did this flood of mainstream viewers go?

They are flocking in droves to the Internet of course!   Floods of new visitors are popping up every day.  If you have ever considered making content for a living, now is the TIME!

Recently Internet based media companies are being snatched up by the traditional consortium from the “Mainstream” media.

VICE Media, originally just a small paper in Canada, has grown to be a massive news, culture & fashion powerhouse talking about such taboo subjects as drug usage and conspiracies.

They are doing so well that Rupert Murdoch recently bought a 5% stake in VICE for a cool $70 Million dollars.

Other sites such as The Young Turks Network are also growing in pace and size due to their mantra’s of super-serving the target audience.

Both of the above networks grew from very small and modest beginnings, into powerhouses in the new media space.  It’s just more evidence that if you have ever considered getting into mass-media, this is your chance to catch the worlds attention with some amazing heart felt content.

Don’t get left out…


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