Review: Amazon Fire TV – The Content Producers Perspective

by Rob | June 9, 2014 9:06 am

This post is an update from an earlier version.  After about 7 months since the original article the team at Amazon has done a great job turning the FireTV into a major contender in a few short months.


The unboxing of FireTV was amazingly satisfying.   I’m generally not a big fan of packaging and most times could care less.

So when I opened the plain brown box and found the small rectangular black box, my heart jumped.  Finally Amazon seems to have understood packaging.

Everything was laid out in a well-thought-out package and was easily accessible.


Again, Amazon hit a home run with setup.  I literally plugged it into the wall, hooked up a HDMI cord and filled out the initial settings for my Wifi.   That was it…  I was already online, had my Amazon account linked to the device and was ready to devour some content.


In the original review I was very unimpressed with features like the UI and horrible apps.   Since that time the apps have continued to get better and the UI has been majorly improved to where it feels like a natural flow to finding content.

For the Content Producer

Ok, to the meat of this review… what about for Content Producers?

Again, in the initial review I was totally disappointed with the initial content creator support.  I had expected Amazon to treat the Fire TV much like they treat the rest of their properties that have a low bar of entry in order to publish on their platform.

Since that time Amazon has not only stepped up their game, they came out and took a big swing at the other 2 major players in the Set-Top-Box market, Roku & Apple TV, by being the first to offer HTML5 Web Apps.

For those unfamiliar, a Web App is actually just a website designed for a specific application.  By setting up a website that meets Amazon’s requirements, you then give Amazon the URL to that website.  With that you have your very own custom IPTV web app.

It was a move I wasn’t expecting from Amazon, but now I’m 2 months into selling FireTV apps and I can’t believe how easy it was (and profitable).


In the original review I said:

If I was to recommend a device, it would not be the Amazon FireTV unless they make a major update to the software and get some descent developer support so us small content guys can get our content out there, not stress over lines of code.

They must be reading this site because that is exactly what happened.   It is by far the easiest method to get started with an IPTV channel.

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