Review of Easy Digital Downloads

by Rob | January 8, 2014 10:01 am

I recently prepared for a launch of a new digital product.   It is a WordPress plugin and while I love WooCommerce, it was really “over kill” for what I wanted.

I stumbled upon Easy Digital Downloads while searching and was immediately impressed with the style and format.  It was light-weight, well programmed and extendable.

Exactly what I was looking for.

I setup a test copy and everything worked great.   I then opted to purchase the licensing server & recurring payment add-ons which was supposed to make my life easier.  Oh beware what appears “To good to be true”!

After receiving my products I was easily able to install & setup the options for the add-ons, but that’s when the easy part ended.

I coded in the licensing functions to my new product and moved on to tightening the final product.   Everything was great until about 1 week before launch.   After updating to the latest version off EDD I found that my “recurring subscriptions” plugin had started to give me an error when a customer would try and download the package.

I jumped into the documentation section of Easy Digital Download’s website.  I was shocked to find partially documented features.  The “How to” felt like someone just stopped writing it half way through.  Due to lack of time, I disabled the add-on and went ahead with production.  I could always go back and mess with it before launch.

As launch day came, I released my plugin.   Of course a few errors popped up almost immediately, so I made some fixes and logged into my administration dashboard.  I noticed that there was an update for EDD (1.9) so I updated.    I checked my plugins features to ensure that the licensing still worked (it did), and proceeded to push out the update.  Big mistake.

A critical error in the licensing/updating add-on broke anyone that received the update.  Suddenly my entire first few customers where down and out, requiring me to remove the plugin by hand (the glitch was so bad you couldn’t just delete the plugin from the WP dash).

Of course, I am more than willing to realize my error of updating a plugin before launch.  That is a big no-no.   Even with the partial documentation and the slightly higher price for the plugins, I was still pretty happy with the purchase.

That was until I went to get support.   That is when I realized EDD’s version of “Support” is a forum where you compete for time with the “Free” users of EDD.   If you want some real support, that’s a cool $40 PER MONTH!?!

I don’t need a constant support system.  I need to get up and running and minimize costs.  I had already dished out $200 in plugins, but I get no better support than the free users?   Talk about fustration!

After a few more hours I had my reply, got a good answer and now back up and running.  I’m still not impressed with the support, but I guess this is better than nothing.

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