Signs of 2015 being a major year for Internet Television

Signs of 2015 being a major year for Internet Television

As I sit here writing this the 2015 Golden Globe awards have just ended and the old school networks just took a good jab to the jaw (sorry for the boxing analogy).

For the first time ever Amazon & Netflix both won awards for their “TV” series.   Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor won Best Actor in a TV Comedy (his competition was Ricky Gervais in Netflix’s Derek).    Transparent also beat out Orange is the New Black for Best Comedy Series. To top it off Netflix’s House of Cards lead Kevin Spacey took home the Best Actor in a TV Drama.

All in all it was a huge sign.   Both series’ are available only online via each respective service and most people have to watch on a digital device like a Roku or Fire TV.

This is a great sign!  More people watching either service means more people purchasing Roku, Fire TV & Chromecast (or soon Android TV) devices at an increasing pace.

Another big sign was the recent announcement by Slingbox to offer a $20/month multi-channel streaming package that includes the long sought crown of Internet TV… ESPN.

A vast many people I know haven’t cord cut because of missing out on their favorite sports team’s games.  With the inclusion of ESPN, Slingbox has really come out swinging and will be a player to watch in 2015.

For us non-sports type people, an announcement of HBO Go! available without a cable subscription was just as big as the ESPN/Slingbox announcement.  Finally we can collectively revel in watching Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley with the cord-attached folks.

Finally, here in Canada our major carriers are all in a battle with competing services.  Bell recently released CraveTV for only $4/month and then Rogers & Shaw Cable teamed up for a service known as Shomi.   In the case of CraveTV you need a subscription to a Bell provider in order to access the service, while Shomi is available to anyone in Canada soon (currently limited to Rogers & Shaw subscribers).  *Both services are getting negative reviews when compared to Netflix.

As well the major Government subsidized network CBC has announced that they plan on moving towards online exclusive content within 5 years.

All these signs point towards Internet Television being thrust into the spotlight in 2015.  The advantage for us independent content producers is we can compete with the likes of Netflix & Amazon Studios.   While we might not have the budgets, our fans are just as loyal and supportive as any multi-billion dollar firm.   Its really a wonderful time to be a content producer!

How do you plan on capitalizing on these trends in 2015?



Rob Davenport is the owner of RoVIDX Media Solutions which is a small company specializing in video production tools for Internet-based broadcasters. He has been recording Internet based audio programs since 2001 (before there was podcasting) and started a video podcast in late 2009.

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