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Episode 4 – What do you need to record a video podcast?

Welcome to this three part series to teach people the basics of video podcasting. This part focuses on recording your program and the hardware & software needed. To record a show you will need: A camera Webcam recommended, but you

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RoundUp: Adobe Flash Live Encoder vs. XSplit Broadcaster vs. Open Broadcaster

[divider]UPDATE:   I have updated my reviews on the latest edition of our podcast and have added 2 new pieces of software! Wirecast & VIDBlaster are now facing XSplit and OBS.  Who wins the title of  “Best Internet TV Broadcasting

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Choosing a good microphone for video podcasting

In the pursuit of creating an amazing podcast, many struggle to find a good microphone to keep their sound top notch. You would think that having amazing video quality would be more important to a video podcast, but in reality

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Audio vs Video Podcasting: Is Video worth the added headaches?

A debate is constantly raging between audio podcasters and the newer video podcast hosts.   Which one is better? The audio folks will tell you that video podcasting is to complex and time consuming for it to be functional. “You’ll

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