The top 5 tools I use for video podcasting

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1. XSplit

Xsplit-CourseIf you don’t have XSplit yet, you are missing out on the greatest piece of software ever created for video podcasters. Not only can you broadcast to ALL major streaming services, you can record directly a HD version to your hard drive!

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2. Adobe Audition

Adobe-Audition-256x256[1]If you want that “Radio” sound, you need Audtion in your creative arsenault. Don’t worry about spending big money on hardware Audition probably does it out of the box.

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3. Sony Vegas

sony vegas pro 8Great video podcasts require great video editing software. The problem with most software is the confusing interface & complex steps to edit your project. Sony Vegas tackles both of them by simplifying tasks while maintaining the quality you deserve.

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4. Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe_Media_EncoderYou want your show in front of eyes, but with all the devices out there you need a multitude of different formats. Adobe Media Encoder offers great multitasking features allowing you to que up and render off to all your favorite formats quickly and high quality.

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5. Video Blocks

videoblocks-square-500x500-resized-600Having a video graphics wiz on hand is normally quite expensive. Video Blocks allowed me to put that high quality look to my shows while keeping me way under budget! Featuring loads of royalty free stock footage, music & sound effects and easy-to-use templates for After Effects & Apple Motion.

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