The Top 5 Video Podcasts to watch in 2013

The Top 5 Video Podcasts to watch in 2013

Update: Check out our list for 2014 here!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]atching other vidcasts pushes me to tweak my own show and take it to the next level.

Below is a list of the vidcasts that you should be learning from in 2013. I have selected each of these shows for specific areas that each show accelerates in and includes why you should be attention.

#1 – The Joe Rogan Experience

rogan1 (1)While not for the faint of heart, comedian Joe Rogan has taken podcasting out of the shadows and created one the web’s most popular podcasts.

Working with his tech guru, Brian Redban, the show has grown to include everything from Adult Stars to Astrophysics to Conspiracy Theorists.  You can be sure that moving into 2013 this show will blossom and grow into a truly phenomenal cultural experience.

Presentation, scheduling and talent will only take you so far.  Content IS King.

#2 – The Adam Carolla Show

250px-The_Adam_Carolla_ShowIn January 2013 Adam Carolla launched a Video Podcast channel on YouTube.   This is a major step forward for video podcasters.   Suddenly, this small market has a heavy weight putting vidcasting into the main stream psyche.

Adam Carolla was one of the first audio podcasters to make a viable business from his show.  The fact that he is moving towards video is a sign of things to come for vidcasters.

Be willing to try out new ideas, styles and media and you will grow in ways never imaginable.

#3 – London Real

picadilly1Proving that video podcasting is a world wide trend, London Real has pushed it to the next level as a truly “new media”.   Hosted by Brian Rose and Nic Gabriel, this show encourages people to make their  own shows based on the London Real format.

Now other shows are popping up all across the globe and the “Real” movement is gaining pace.

Community is key.   Be kind to your viewers and treat them with respect and they will support your efforts.

#4 – This Week In Tech

7396_logoLeo Laporte should be crowned king of all things Internet Media.  This Week in Tech was one of the first video podcasts available for free to the masses and has since become the model for Internet broadcasters.

With a full network of shows available on a wide array of devices, Leo has taken on the corporate media and won. continues to grow into an outstanding network while proving that niche broadcasting is going to be huge in the next decade and beyond.

Everything.   It is literally the standard for Internet broadcasting to a mass audience.  If you’re not already watching TWiT you should.



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