Video Podcasting 101: Planning your show

Video Podcasting 101: Planning your show

The first step to starting a vidcast is planning your show.   Will you have guests?  Will you pre-record or will you broadcast live? What subjects will you cover?

The following tips will help you plan out your show so you create amazing content for your viewers.

#1 – Who?

This seems kind of obvious, but who are you and why are you vidcasting?   You must remember that your viewers are “new” to you and really have no idea who you are or what you do. Thus the first step is identifying who you are and what you do.

What makes you special?  What interest will you podcast about?

#2 – What?

This is another obvious one, but you must know what you will be vidcasting about.   There are literally 10’s of thousands of other shows out there so what makes yours different?

I see many new vidcasters trying to cover all of their interests in one show.   This generally causes these shows to fail because they never gain a solid audience.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Joe Rogan covers a gambit of subjects on his show but they all relate back to Joe’s key ingredient… comedy.  Even when he is talking to esteemed people like Neil Degrasse Tyson, he is still dropping one-liners or going off on a hilarious rant.

Take your time and find out what your anchor subject will be for your show.

#3 – Why?

So why are you doing this?   Do you just enjoy the hobby of vidcasting or would you prefer this to be your “day job”?  Do you have a purpose with your show or do you want to entertain people?

Knowing why you are doing this from the start will help you stay focused as your show grows.

#4 – Where?

Next you have to decide where you will broadcast or record your show.

Will you be broadcasting from a dedicated space in your home or do you plan on recording with some friends in your living room?

Having an idea of where you will be broadcasting helps with buying equipment, scheduling times with the family and starts to build the ambiance of the show.

#5 – How?

Lastly you must decide “how” will your show reach the masses?

Many vidcasts these days are filmed live and then archives distributed shortly after the live show.   If you will be broadcasting live, you will need to plan out your show.  If you are pre-recording for a later release date, you don’t have to be so “perfect” but you will probably want to do some editing to cut out the dry parts.


Taking your time to plan your show before you buy equipment or broadcast is an important step that really seperates the crap vidcasts from the bad ass shows.

Once you have these basics covered you can then move on to getting started recording your first video podcast.




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