Where can I publish my video podcast?

by Rob | February 26, 2013 8:16 am

I’m often contacted by new video podcasters who are looking for a service to publish their content with.

Below are the services I have used and my thoughts on them.

1. YouTube[1]

This one is almost a given, but as a free service there is no better place to host than YouTube.  Even if you have another service already, it doesn’t hurt to put your videos up on YouTube and draw in some new viewers.

2. Vimeo[2]

Vimeo is another great service for video hosting.  Featuring by far the best quality for video on the internet and you get 5 gig per week with the Plus account, which is only $9.95 per month.

3.  Hipcast[3]

Now if your like me and appreciate a top quality service with a plethora of features, I’d recommend Hipcast.   The service is designed specifically for podcast hosting and offers some amazing features like video transcoding and iPhone uploading.

I have had a few email from people asking about Viddler and other services, so I will include them below.

1. Viddler[4]

Viddler is really only good if your running a large network and sending out 100’s of gigs per month of data.  As well they are very pricey ($40 per month for the basic account).   Though I will say that when dealing with their company I was treated very well and they were very responsive.   Something to consider if you are big enough to justify that cost.

  1. YouTube: http://youtube.com
  2. Vimeo: http://vimeo.com
  3. Hipcast: http://hipcast.com
  4. Viddler: http://viddler.com

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