XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 is here!

XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 is here!

Anyone that reads this blog regularly knows I love XSplit Broadcaster.   Since the initial release, Xsplit has been a game-changer for my online business & broadcasting.

Just yesterday XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 was released to the market and it is a huge step for the SplitMedia Labs team.

There is so many new features in Xsplit 2.0 that I’m going to miss a few, but here’s the breakdown…


Video Hardware options

When I bought my last workstation I paid a good amount of money (at the time) to get a higher end video card with lots of onboard processing so I could amp up my live productions.

I was sorely disappointed to find out that XSplit 1.2 (at the time) didn’t support any of these features.   Thankfully in version 2.0 the team has fully embraced various features of higher end video cards such as onboard MP4 encoding, hardware acceleration and advanced anti-aliasing (which helps remove the little jagged edges around 3d windows).

Scene Previews

Another feature I’ve hoped for has made it’s way to XSplit 2.0…  Scene Previews.

Have you ever been doing a Skype interview and when you switch back to your guest’s video, they are picking their nose?   It’s happened to me more than once.

Thankfully in the new version, just hovering your mouse over the Scene button will popup a window to show you what is currently going on in that frame.  (The feature existed in the initial version, but required you to press a few keys to make it happen)

Audio Monitor

Sometimes what you hear on your end is different that what your viewers are hearing.  It’s  a really big pain in the ass.   Once again, XSplit jumps in with a new feature called “Audio Monitor”.   Using this feature, you can have XSplit send the full audio to another sound device for audio monitoring.   This is really great if you have a Producer handling your recording, as you can send the full output to their headphones and they hear what the listener does.

Scene Features

A bunch of new scene features are included with version 2.0.   You can now add audio sources, Web Page from a URL and a brand new (super excited about this one!) feature that allows Global & Scene Source Scripting.   This will open XSplit up to the developer community, and you can be sure some damn cool plugins will follow.


There is lots of new features in XSplit 2.0 and I’ll be digging into them for the next few days so I can offer a proper review, but on the surface I’m really excited with this new release.

If you don’t have XSplit yet, get it here (FREE version is also available!!!).

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